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 New things are coming.

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PostSubject: New things are coming.   Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:15 am

Hooray for attempts at organization.

I will be trying some new stuff out on this forum. If you don't at least come on in a week, your account will be deleted. This means by next week, if you haven't been on, your account will be deleted. This may be for the better though. The character sheets are going to be more difficult and many more things will be added. That is, if I get around to doing them. Well, you can PM me your request for an account deletion if you wish. I will be removing all the posts anyway, so you aren't missing much.

Well, if there was something you wanted changed, you would have said so in the suggestion section I added a while back. Either way, this site is moving on and changing to fit what I feel like doing to it.


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New things are coming.
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