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 Creation (Shopkeeper Character)

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PostSubject: Creation (Shopkeeper Character)   Creation (Shopkeeper Character) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 5:20 am

Okay, this is the shopkeepers template, which is a must for those who want to be, well, a shopkeeper. Here are the rules:

    *Do not make your shopkeeper a fighter, a shopkeeper only needs attacks for like thieves. Only basic attacks, like 'punch', 'kick', 'stab with iron dagger', etc...
    *Shopkeepers can only have a few attacks and defenses.
    *Shopkeepers don't have any special abilities since they're the keeper of shops.
    *Do not make your shopkeeper have everything. i.e, swords to food. You can have a general shop, but it means like low level stuff, like a copper swords, bread, etc...

Now you must be asking yourself, "Why the hell would I want to be a useless shopkeeper? I mean they can't even fight!"
Well, the answer to that my dear friend, is that a shopkeeper is important to the economy. Without them, we couldn't buy any food or weapons! Be important and plus, a lot of RPs will be involved 'cause people just don't survive on nothing.

Name: (Your name, Can be pretty much anything, but there must be something.) Forbidden names: "???" "Unknown" "Anonymous" and any Copies from an anime.
Age: (No special limit placed on this)
Sex: (Male or Female. Cannot be "???" or "Unknown")
Short Bio: (Basically a short story or a sentence or two that helps give a description of your character)((Any length))
Height: (Preferably in Feet and Inches, it's not like I'm going to Deny it based on this)
Weight: (Preferably in Pounds)
Stock: (What do you sell?)
Appearance: (This can be as simple as a picture to as complicated as describing every bit of clothing. Your choice)
Attack: (This would be the various attacks that your character can unleash upon their opponents)((Must be in Template Form))
Defense: (The various ways of avoiding, deflecting, or blocking the incoming attacks of your opponent)((Must also abide by the Template))
History: (A history of how you became a shopkeeper / opened up the shop / why you sell what you sell)
Anything Else: (Anything special about you?)

Attack Template:

    Name: (Can be as simple as "Punch" to as diverse as some random Japanese word)
    Rank: (One being the highest, 10 being the lowest)
    Speed: (How slow is it? Compare it to something in real life to help people understand)
    Description: (What it looks like when you use it)
    Requirements: (If any, add something here to explain what things are necessary to use the Attack.)((Probably for more powerful moves))

You may have as many attacks as you like, but you still can't be god-like.

Defense Template:

    Name: (Pretty much whatever you want it to be called. Even a simple arm block can be on here.)
    Rank: (1-10 1=high 10=low)
    Speed: (How long it takes until it's at full effect)
    Description: (What it looks like, what it does)

Code: (Copy and paste this in a New Topic)

Short Bio:
Attack: [list] [Place skills here][/list]
Defenses: [list] [Same as above] [/list]
Anything Else:
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Creation (Shopkeeper Character)
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