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 suyeta mizuno

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PostSubject: suyeta mizuno   suyeta mizuno Icon_minitimeSat Jun 20, 2009 11:06 am

Name: suyeta mizuno
Age: 15
Sex: female
Short Bio: suyeta mizuno is a young mage who was raised to defeat a evil dragon that brought destruction to the land for many years. A curse was placed on her so she wound not age and be used as a weapon for eternity. suyeta left the order so she could escape having to fight for them forever.
Personality: kind, caring and thoughtful
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 lbs
Special powers: magic and seals
Curses: remains young
Appearance: suyeta mizuno Darkmagician
    Name: lighting
    Rank: 7
    Speed: fast as lighting
    Description: Suyeta forms directs lighting from the heavens to strike the enemy
    Requirements: a bit of prep time usually 2 -3 posts

    Name: burst
    Rank: 9
    Speed: the speed of a ram
    Description: Suyeta forms energy around her entire body and unleashes it from her hands
    Requirements: charge time is one post

    Name:holy light wave
    Rank: 2
    Speed: faster then the speed of light.
    Description: Suyeta forms and summons holy energy to use to purify or eradicate those who have dark energy depending on the amount they have within them.
    Requirements:does not work on those who are pure. It requires a lot of energy and concentration to be successful.

    Name: light ball
    Rank: 8
    Speed: half the speed of sound
    Description: Suyeta unleashes a quick sphere of light from her hand to slpw down or weaken the enemy.

    Name: Aura Wall
    Rank: 5
    Speed: it takes only a few moments to appear or repair
    Description: A sphere of energy appears around her entire body and protects her from harm. It is able to regenerate damage when it is only cracked or has a few holes in it.

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suyeta mizuno
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